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Our Services

Bumper Masters is proud to offer a variety of services, ranging from Simple bumper repair from a fender bender to unwanted Vinyl Sign & Wrap Removal from a different kind of bender. Our professional service will exceed your expectations, both in quality and price. Call (602) 550-5577 today!

Bumper Repairs & Color Matching

Bumper damage is an eyesore no matter what vehicle you drive. Our state-of-art plastic welding and repair techniques along with our color matching system allows us to restore your vehicles bumper to its original quality!

RV Repair

We can restore your large recreational vehicle back to its factory look. Our experts have the tools, knowledge and craftsmanship to repair even the harshest exterior damage.

Alloy Wheel Restoration

Restore your vehicles luster, by restoring the shine and quality of your alloy wheels.

Headlight Restoration

Oxidation can cause tremendous damage to headlights, not only taking away from your cars appeal, but also decreasing the effect of your lights.

European Blackout

Over time the black trim on your vehicle can oxidize, fade and peel. With our unique euro-black technique, we can refinish black trim including bumpers, wipers, mirrors, moulding and more.

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